In an era rife with listicles and churn-and-burn graphics, TENS manages to hit that rare sweet spot of being able to reel you in, without sacrificing craftsmanship, depth and detail. Belgian-based illustrator Tom De Geeter brings us a fresh new take on the Top Ten List, with a thoughtfully-curated lineup of contributors, all set to a backdrop of his bold yet delicate line drawings.

TENS’ open-format categories (think sit-coms, philosophers and hockey goons, alike) shed light on each featured artist’s personality, and touch upon themes of nostalgia, humor, inspiration, and camp. The result is a compelling and remarkably-crafted anthology worthy of a home upon the most discerning of coffee tables.

Curated, illustrated and designed by Tom De Geeter
200 pages / Hardcover / ISBN 978 94 6058 2615
Published by Luster


Tom De Geeter is an illustrator, musician, and graphic designer based in Kortrijk, Belgium. Over the past two decades, he has become known for bringing his unique visual aesthetic to a long catalog of musical projects, including Zucchini Drive, Speed Dial 7, and his independent label Marathon of Dope. He has an undying passion for bringing people together in the spirit of creation, and pouring metaphysical gasoline over the sparks of his many cross-continental collaborators. De Geeter oscillates naturally between his loves for music production, sketching, animating, and lately, working on his comic book series CGI Buffalo.


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Traffic Jams Series

  • This is one of the best indie comics I've ever read. I love how it combines the feel of New York City's jazz and record culture with a fantastical and subtly Freudian mystery about how we come to be who we are. The story is so compelling, I can't wait to see what happens next.Rob Crooks (Musician, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

  • After a long day of making beats and writing stuff I love to kick back with a little CGI Buffalo and my favorite cup a joe. If I had a fireplace I'd have a fire but I don't so I read with the TV off and I never read it on the can. Ceegee's too classy a read for that maneuver."Mike Ladd (Rap Artist, Paris, France)

  • I LOVE these comics! Ceegee is so lovable, and all of the textures and compositions are so interesting!! Beautiful work! So charming!Elissa Lecocque (Singer, Brooklyn, NYC)